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Wondering why there is no ice?

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Category: Public Interest, NGO
Media: Experiential
Brand: WWF
Agency: Bruketa & Zinic
Geo: Croatia
Advertising Agency: Bruketa&Zinic OM, Zagreb, Croatia
Creative Director: Nikola Zinic
Art Director: Nebojsa Cvetkovic
Chief Communications Officer: Petra Boic Petrac
Communications / Corporate Relations Coordinator: Martina Subasic
Communications Officers: Denis Povijac, Bojan Stojanovic
Strategic Planning Director: Ivan Tanic
Strategic Planner: Tea Silvia Vlahovic
Copywriter: Ivan Pavicic
Senior Designer: Dragana Iles
Account Executive: Sonja Martinovic Domitrovic
PR Manager: Jelena Mihelcic
Cameraman: Sinisa Pasic
Video Editing: Davorin Svaner
Published: August 2017
Why a bar in Zagreb served drinks without ice?
Despite the unbearable heat in August, some bars in Zagreb and Belgrade have been serving drinks without ice. Only a straw and a sign was put inside the glass saying “Wondering why there’s no ice? It would be much cooler if you did something about global warming.”
This was a message from WWF, one of the largest independent global preservation of nature organizations. They also served the guests with a few simple tips&tricks about how each one of us can decrease climate change every day.
The guests could get their ice only if they shared a photo of their drink and spread the message via social media.
“Climate changes are huge issue and if we don’t do something about it, it will become an even greater problem tomorrow. This is our way of increasing awareness about how each one of us can help. Don’t just sit there and watch the ice melt!”, say in WWF Adria.

Publicidad online "Wondering why there is no ice?" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Bruketa&Zinic Zagreb" para la marca: WWF Croacia. Fue producido en sept. 2017.
Publicista: World Wide Fund for Nature
Marca: WWF
Agencia: Bruketa&Zinic Zagreb
País: Croacia
Categoría: Las cuestiones ambientales y de los animales
Emitido en: septiembre 2017

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