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Batman [Making of]

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Websites http://www.warchild.nl/batman http://www.warchildholland.org... Credits Title: Batman Client: War Child MassiveMusic Client representatives: Daphne Groenendijk, Nienke Teunissen, Veronique Hoogendoorn Creative: Marcel Frensch and Rogier Mahieu Production Company: RNDBT Content Producers: Lex Szanto, Kim Wolffensperger Director: Jeroen Mol (Fatfred) Line Producers: Bee On Set Productions D.O.P: Gabor Deak Editors: Oscar Marmelstein and Jeroen Mol Post production: Ambassadors Sound Studio: Ambassadors Music Supervision by MassiveMusic in collaboration with Sony Music and Universal Music Credits YouTube: BATMAN and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s16) Music Supervision by MassiveMusic in collaboration with Sony Music and Universal Music Description: International music agency MassiveMusic has teamed up with War Child, In Case of Fire, Sony and Universal to create a timely and powerful new film that highlights the plight of young refugees. A young refugee boy strikes up an unlikely friendship with Batman in this charming film that also packs a pertinent punch. Set to Queen’s feel-good track, ‘You’re My Best Friend’, it follows the inseparable duo as they transform the refugee camp into their playground - playing football, arm-wrestling, and hide-and-seek. The heart-warming mood takes a surprising twist as the masked crusader is revealed to have been the boy’s father all along, and a result of the fantasy world constructed by the child as a coping mechanism to escape the grim reality of his life. MassiveMusic was tasked with finding and licensing a song that could highlight the contrast between the hopeful opening scenes of the film and the harrowing ending, which brings out the stronger emotional message. After an extensive search for an artist that would give permission for their track to be used for the film, Queen embraced the cause proving their iconic track to be the perfect fit for the narrative and the message. Thanks to the tight collaboration between all the partners – War Child, In Case of Fire, director Jeroen Mol, RNDBT producer Lex Szanto, Sony and Universal - MassiveMusic successfully secured the label and publisher’s pro bono involvement. As a result of these efforts, the charity is able to distribute the film worldwide and spread a message that’s now more relevant than ever in these times of mass migration and rising rhetoric of exclusion.

Making of "Batman [Making of]" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Rndbt Content" para la marca: War Child Países Bajos. Fue producido en abr. 2017.

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