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Cell Phone


The New print campaign for the Prius with Toyota Safety Sense standard
Advertised brand: Toyota
Advert title(s): Breathing Room, Papers, Cell Phone
Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi LA
Chief Creative Officer: Jason Schragger
Executive Creative Director: Fabio Costa
Creative Director: Renato Braga
ACD/Copywriter: Dan Sorgen
ACD/Art Director: Leo Borges
Art Director: Antonio Marcato
Copywriter: Steve Morris
Executive Director, Integrated Production: Lalita Koehler
Director of Content Production: Sara Seibert
Executive Art Producer: Cindy Rowe
Senior Print Producer: Rachel Dallas-Noble
Director of Project Management: Angela Montoya
Senior Project Manager: Jessica Mesa
Group Account Director: Courtney Husk
Account Director: Dianne Gee
Account Supervisor: Rachel Greenlee
Account Executive: Kaitlyn Roberts
Assistant Account Executive: Priscilla Mon
Chief Strategy Officer: Mark Turner
Managing Director, Strategy and Insights: Don Longfellow
Group Strategy Director: Paulo Carvajal
Senior Connections and Insights Strategist: Bryon Foote
Senior Brand Planner: Taylor McKee
Communications Director: Breanne Carpenter
Director of Business Affairs: Keli Christy
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Kathi Bolliger
Group Vice President, Toyota Vehicle Marketing & Communications: Jack Hollis
Vice President, Toyota Vehicle Marketing & Communications: Lisa Materazzo
General Manager, Toyota Vehicle Marketing & Communications: Rick LoFaso
General Manager, Toyota Vehicle Marketing & Communications: Mark Angelacos
Manager, Toyota Vehicle Marketing & Communications: Claudia Rodriguez
Senior Planner, Toyota Vehicle Marketing & Communications: Stephanie Eppig
Planner, Toyota Vehicle Marketing & Communications: Regina Davis
Print Production Company: Carioca
Published/Released (Month, Year): April 2017
“Smart” safety features on cars are nothing new. Neither, unfortunately, are the ads selling them. In fact, most automakers take one of two approaches: focus on humdrum explanations of the safety technology, or play on consumers’ fear of accidents.
Toyota’s just-launched print and outdoor campaign for the 2017 Prius, however, humanizes the safety features by cleverly using headlines to visually depict how the technologies benefit drivers and other people on the road.
In one ad, for the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, an extra-long human arm spells out the words “protective instinct” while hands at both ends create space between the car and a pedestrian. This unique visual connects the feature with its emotional benefit: the ability to protect people, both outside and within the car.
In another, a tape measure spells out “Breathing Room,” showing how the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system automatically provides drivers a safe space between cars – and extra peace of mind – when cruise control is engaged.
The relatable messaging and unusual type treatment bring character to otherwise dry safety features. At the same time, the clean, modern layout communicates the features' sophistication in a quick, appealing way.
It’s a whole new approach to safety marketing that stands out – and makes a big impact.

Publicidad impresa "Cell Phone" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles" para el producto: Toyota Prius (marca: Toyota) Estados Unidos. Fue producido en abr. 2017.
Publicista: Toyota Motor Corporation
Marca: Toyota
Producto: Toyota Prius
Agencia: Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles Carioca
País: Estados Unidos
Categoría: Hybrid Cars
Emitido en: abril 2017

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