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Slotomania Archivo de publicidad

It’s always okay to play Slotomania

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Media: Film Country (Market): Global Client: Slotomania Advertised brand: Slotomania Links: https://happiness-brussels.pre... Advert title(s): Why It’s OK To Play Translation of headline to English: Why It’s OK To Play Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): FCB Happiness, Brussels Agency website:http://www.happiness-anywhere.com/home Сreatives (Role+Name): Karen Corrigan Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey Hantson Chief Creative Officer Kris Hoet Chief Innovation Officer Elke Janssens Managing Director Hans Smets Group Account Director Marlen Fernandez Pando Account Executive Niels Sienaert Creative Director Tim Schoenmaeckers Creative Director Pieter Claeys Concept Provider Barbara Dzikanowice Creative Content Director Eline Goethals Strategic Planner Tuyet Hoang Digital Producer Dries Lauwers Graphic Designer Frederik Draulans Senior Graphic Designer Remke Faber Motion Designer Seth Michielsen Motion Designer Production Company: Fuelcontent and Little Big Productions Published/Released (Month, Year): October 25th 2017 Date of Release: October 25th 2017 Synopsis: We all need some me-time. And we all deserve to spend that me-time the way we want. Whether that’s reading a book, watching TV, going for a run or playing a mobile game. Fact is, however, when playing a mobile game while grabbing some me-time, people tend to feel a bit guilty. FCB Happiness and Slotomania wanted to counter that feeling by giving a reason to play, any minute of the day. whyitsokaytoplay.com – a real-time video clock that runs perfectly in sync with your local time and shows you a different video for every single minute of the day. Each 60 seconds unveils a unique video, with a script based on surprising data found about that specific moment in the day, turning each minute into a unique insight and an original reason to play. Those 1,440 facts were turned into 1,440 pieces of content – one for each minute of the day.

Anuncio de televisión "It’s always okay to play Slotomania" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "FCB Happiness Brussels" para la marca: Slotomania Bélgica. Fue producido en oct. 2017.

Campaña publicitaria: "Why It’s OK To Play"

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