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Act of Love, 8


Agency: Hakuhodo Kettle
Client: Sagami Rubber Industries
Animator: Kazuki Nakata
Animator: Komei Sato
Art Director: Chieko Zaitsu
Copywriter: Kanako Ishioroshi
Creative Director: Koichiro Tanaka
Director: Yusuke Kitani
Editor: Soken Ito
Editor: Keiko Kamijo
Producer: Atsuki Yukawa
Production Manager: Simpei Oshima
Production Manager: Airi Soeda
Programmer: Koutarou Sone
Sound Designer: Satoshi Yoshitake + invisible designs lab.
Technical Director: Hironobu Oda
Web Designer: Atsushi Hashimoto
Creative Agency: Projector Inc
Interactive Production Company: kaibutsu inc.
Production Company: Rock'n Roll Japan k.k.
Project Director: Hideaki Oki
Project Manager: Hiroshi Hizawa
To build a branded communication with a primordial theme that does not advertise the product’s function but rather creates a new type of engagement between the brand and customer, we created a branding theme "Act of Love" based on the fact that "young people in Japan are afraid of love and the number of young people who have never had sex is increasing." To express this theme in the form of primal, symbolic content, we released an animal courtship dictionary which gathers the courtship behavior of 73 animals from around the world.

Publicidad online "Act of Love, 8" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Hakuhodo Kettle Tokyo" para la marca: Sagami Rubber Japón. Fue producido en ene. 2016.

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