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Advertising Agency: SERVICEPLAN, GERMANY, Munich
Creative Director: Bernd Huesmann
Scriptwriter: Thorsten Voigt
Account Supervisor: Bianca Becher/Monica Klingenfuss
Director: Florian Leissle

Script in English

SFX: Football match atmosphere

MVO: Back to Tottenham now: the Spurs are charging ahead. Valdez on the ball. I can see now he cut himself shaving, but he still tricks two Arsenal defenders. Pass to midfield! The Arsenal fans are getting tense. The man in the aisle seat in row 76 of Block K is sending a text message, and he just misspelled Valdez's name.

And the Spurs’ number 9 is now waiting for his chance. There it is, the peroxide blonde goal-getter seizes the somewhat scratched ball, and he’s off! He clearly has some lettuce stuck in his teeth. He aims and shoots, taking 56 blades of grass and a daisy from the turf, the ball curves to the left of the goal. The Arsenal goalkeeper lunges, deflects the ball, it squashes a fly on the post and drops to the ground burying a ladybug and four ants. The grasshopper made it to safety.

ANN: Better vision with Rodenstock progressive lenses. Ask your optician.

Radio anuncio "SOCCER COMMENTATOR" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Serviceplan Munich" para el producto: Progressive Spectacle Lenses (marca: Rodenstock) Alemania. Fue producido en dic. 2007.

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