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Ricochet - Meetings between passionate people

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Media: Making-of Client: Ricochet Founder: Christophe Campuzan Marketing/Communications: Albane Weil (JAW Conseil) Agency: Gloryparis Creative Directors: Arnaud Le Bacquer, Hugues Pinguet Commercial Director: Jean-Baptiste Herman Account Executive: Meriem Bouthiba Art Directors: Gabriel Bonnefond, Romain Martineau Production: Wanda Director: Fred Leveugle Director of photography: Antoine Vié Composer: Yves Prevel Editor: MAGSOUND Making-of: Tom Peyrat Voice-over: Ginnie Watson Social media, e-PR & PR: Charles Chemin (Baskets Chaussettes) Georges-André Tabet (UPP) Synopsis: Created at the end of 2016 by serial startupper Christophe Campuzan and newly launched in Paris, Ricochet is the first « friending » app whose goal is to foster encounters around common passions whether it is visiting museums, walking around Paris, having a drink, playing badminton or anything else. By opposing online dating services such as Tinder, Happn and Once, who promise the creation of strong relationships but too often lead to sex, Ricochet positions itself as an accelerator of social relationships. According to Christophe Campuzan, « in spite of all the existing communication tools, modern society faces a deep social relationship crisis. To facilitate encounters between people and to make people meet around their passions is the objective of Ricochet ». Ricochet allows to widen your network, meet new people and discover new activities by joining specific events. The app encourages real time action thanks to precise matches between passionate people and events. Launched a few months ago, the app aims to shine on the national market following strong reactions in Paris and Marseille before reaching for the international market. The hypocrisy of online dating services is the subject of this joyously sexy film conceived as an art object and directed by Fred Leveugle, a fashion photographer who worked for world famous lingerie brand Aubade for many years, and thought by Gloryparis, the agency beyond viral operation “Mélanie can do it”, which allowed a young woman with Down's Syndrome to fulfil her dream of becoming the nation's newest weather presenter. The film's story, echoing 90's soft-core movies, the mesmerizing British voice and the sexually suggestive positions take the audience on a red herring until the true nature of Ricochet is revealed: let's create social links between people. The founder of Ricochet - Christophe Campuzan A serial startupper, Christophe Campuzan has participated to the success of VirtualExpo (200 collaborators), online professional conventions and has cofounded Mychezmoi (100 collaborators), a growing network of new generation real estate agencies. Ricochet is available on Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). http://www.ricochet.co

Anuncio de televisión "Ricochet - Meetings between passionate people" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Wanda Productions" para la marca: Ricochet Francia. Fue producido en jun. 2017.
Marca: Ricochet
Agencia: Wanda Productions Glory Paris
País: Francia
Categoría: Dating agencies (en), Mobile applications
Emitido en: junio 2017

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