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Oando OGAS. Switch Campaign

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Agency: X3M Ideas Creative Director: Adesola Kosoko Why do we qualify? This entry is significant because it promotes a product and at the same time pushes for a culture shift that contributed to saving lives and the environment. Background Situation: Over 100 million Nigerians nationwide rely solely on firewood for cooking, producing fumes and smoke that put them at high risk of asthma, bronchitis, child pneumonia and lung cancer. The World Health Organisation says about 95,000 Nigerians die annually due to complications caused by the inhalation of smoke from biofuels. This makes it the third-highest killer after malaria and HIV/AIDS. Brief: The agency was tasked to launch the 3kg O-GAS cylinder by Oando in a compelling way. The 3kg O-Gas cylinder was targeted at people who traditionally use biofuels (especially firewood) for cooking. 
Objectives • To let our target audience know that cooking with O-gas is a healthier alternative to cooking with firewood and other biofuels. • Bust the *firewood myth. The firewood myth is a belief held in several parts of Nigeria that food cooked with firewood has a uniquely pleasant taste that cannot be reproduced by any other means. Strategy Use popular food canteens and food sellers as influencers to educate our target about the dangers of cooking with firewood and to show that cooking with gas isn’t more expensive than cooking with firewood. Creative Idea O-gas Swithch: A campaign that saves lives [and the environment] and busts a culinary myth by proving that the ‘firewood flavor’ can be achieved without firewood. Execution We asked people to nominate their favourite food canteen, so we could switch them from cooking with firewood to O-GAS. • We publicly switched the most nominated food canteens from firewood to OGAS- showing that using O-GAS to cook isn’t more expensive than firewood. We also used the cooks at these canteens as advocates. • We busted the firewood myth by using O-gas to publicly reproduce the taste associated with cooking with firewood. Performance (qualitative and quantitative) • Sales increased by 10% after campaign launch • Over 30 million people were reached by the campaign • Every one of the famous Akara-Osu women [commercial food vendors]on Ibadan-Ife highway were switched by the campaign CAMPAIGN LINKS INSTAGRAM #OGasNYSCSwitch #OGasBukkaSwitch #RepYourBukka 

 https://www.facebook.com/pg/OV... https://www.facebook.com/34247... https://www.facebook.com/pg/OV...

Publicidad online "Oando OGAS. Switch Campaign" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "X3M Ideas Lagos" para el producto: O-gas (marca: OVH Energy) Nigeria. Fue producido en sept. 2017.
Marca: OVH Energy
Producto: O-gas
Agencia: X3M Ideas Lagos
País: Nigeria
Categoría: Autoridades de protección ambiental y conservación de la energía
Emitido en: septiembre 2017

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