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Magical Payphone, 2 [video]

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Media: Ambient
Category: Electronics & Technology
Agency: NBS
Brand: Oi
Geo: Americas, Brazil
Oi, a telecom provider from Brazil, is hoping to make everyone believe in the magic of Christmas one more time. That’s why it created the Magical Payphone, a device that connected kids with Santa Claus. Installed in Rio de Janeiro, the special payphone was available to kids walking by with their parents. Once they made the call, the kids would chat with Santa, who were actually two retired actors from Retiro dos Artistas (an institution that takes care of former artists). But it was much more than a telephone call. Big surprises were prepared for the kids: lost elfs, gifts and even a mapped projection with snow and a choir of kids. Everything to make a great experience for the children and everyone watching.
Advertising Agency: NBS, Brazil
Creative Directors: André Lima, Pedro Feyer, Marcello Noronha, Moacyr Netto
Art Directors: Vinicius Cunha, Marcos Hosken
Copywriters: Moacyr Netto, André Jardim, Bruno Pinaud, Ricardo Weistman
Producers: Andrea Metzker, Leonardo Lino, Álvaro Figueira
Production Company: Dínamo Filmes
Director: Dan Gifford

Publicidad ambiental "Magical Payphone, 2 [video]" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "NBS Sao Paulo" para la marca: Oi Brasil. Fue producido en dic. 2012.
Publicista: Oi S.A.
Marca: Oi
Agencia: NBS Sao Paulo Dinamo Filmes
País: Brasil
Categoría: Mobile Communications (en)
Emitido en: diciembre 2012

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