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Natura Cosmetics Archivo de publicidad



Category: Best Use of Online Advertising
Advertiser: NATURA
Product/Service: REFILLS PACKAGE
Agency: ID\TBWA
Date of First Appearance: Dec 22 2010
Entrant Company: ID\TBWA, São Paulo, BRAZIL
Entry URL: http://www.yeastside.com/backofbanner.html
Chief Creative Officer: Domenico Massareto (ID / TBWA)
Art Director: Caio Rogério (ID / TBWA)
Art Director: Diogo Akio (ID / TBWA)
Art Director: Caio Cardoso (ID / TBWA)
Art Director: Danilo Campos (ID / TBWA)
Copywriter: Will Ferrari Jr (ID / TBWA)
Operations Director: Natália Gouvea (ID / TBWA)
Planner: Igor Puga (ID / TBWA)
Media Manager: Kauê Cury (ID / TBWA)
Account Director: Maury Tognolo (ID / TBWA)
Account Manager: Renata Carvalho (ID / TBWA)
Producer: (Cubic Studio)
Marketing Manager: Vanessa Giannotti (Natura)
Media placement: Home Page Banner - Terra - 22 December 2010
Media placement: Home Page Banner - UOL - 22 December 2010
Media placement: Home Page Banner - Abril - 22 December 2010
Media placement: Home Page Banner - TPM - 22 December 2010
Media placement: Home Page Banner - GLOBO - 22 December 2010

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
The main objective was to advertise Natura refill packages and its environmental friendly concept to upper class and upper middle class men and women from the age of 20 to 60. The unique insight is in recycling media, which is relevant to the client, as it reflects the company’s, believes and keeps the web site “clean” from more advertisement making it more friendly to users.

Creative Execution
The creative strategic solution was to apply Natura’s environmental friendly attitude into a banner campaign, so we used the “back” of other advertiser’s banners. The banners were on the most important Brazilian portals, maximizing its reach.

Results and Effectiveness
As a result, we had an interaction rate of 41% and a click through rate 3,5 times higher than the average for a regular banner. Plus, a CPM 68% cheaper for using a media space that had been already sold for another advertiser.

Promoción "RECYCLING ONLINE MEDIA" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "ID Sao Paulo" para el producto: Refills Package (marca: Natura Cosmetics) Brasil. Fue producido en dic. 2010.
Marca: Natura Cosmetics
Producto: Refills Package
Agencia: ID Sao Paulo
País: Brasil
Categoría: Las cuestiones ambientales y de los animales
Emitido en: diciembre 2010

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