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MNI Targeted Media Archivo de publicidad

Mean Tweets campaign, 4


Advertised brand: MNI Targeted Media
Advert title(s): MNI Targeted Media Mean Tweets campaign
Translation of headline to English: Does not apply
Advertising Agency: MNI Targeted Media, Stamford, CT, United States
Creative Team: Vicki Brakl, Aron Caruso, Bethany Shocki
Digital & Web Design: Mark Hopkins, Lauren Melillo
Copywriting & Social: Marisa Davis, Ida Morris
Custom Illustrations: Ariel Chu
This campaign by MNI Targeted Media is based on late night host, Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets’ series to add humor to the B2B space. The campaign used internal tools to promote their company.
Print: 6-page cover wraps on People magazine delivered over a four-week period
Twitter: Profiles that represent each cover wrap -- @DataDontMatter, @SocialSkeptic25, @WhyGoLocal, @JadedMediaPlnr, and @NoPainCampaigns – with activity leading up to campaign launch, so there will be interesting articles targets can explore when they land on these profiles once the campaign is live
Display: These are designed to appeal to decision makers from junior media planners to CEOs
E-Mail: Not to be overlooked anymore, follow-ups will be sent to drive e-newsletter subscriptions for those who want to learn more

Publicidad online "Mean Tweets campaign, 4" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "MNI Targeted Media Stamford" para la marca: MNI Targeted Media Estados Unidos. Fue producido en sept. 2017.
Marca: MNI Targeted Media
Agencia: MNI Targeted Media Stamford
País: Estados Unidos
Categoría: Advertising agencies (en)
Emitido en: septiembre 2017

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