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Matsumoto Apple Association Archivo de publicidad

Dentapple [video]

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Company Entering: Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Tokyo
Entry Title: Dentapple
Brand: Dentapple
Advertiser: Matsumoto Apple Association
Agency: Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Tokyo/Hakuhodo Inc., Tokyo
Creative Director: Shota Hatanaka
Art Director: Yuhei Ito
Ios&Android Programmer: Takuya Asahida/Yuku Fujii
Web Programmer: Masashi Ohashi
Retoucher: Yuji Hatakeyama/Yuki Nakazato
Agency Designer: Hayato Nagaoka/Misato Saito
Pr Director: Sota Haga
Project Manager: Kentaro Muraishi
Agency Producer: Keitaro Kamijo
Event Producer: Hiroki Takeshita/Ayako Takeda
Pr Producer: Wataru Seki
Film Production Company: Tokyo, Tokyo
Director: Kazuma Kitada
Cinematographer: Ryosuke Toyama/Ken Nobuhara
Film Producer: Toshiyuki Takei/Masayoshi Takayanagi
Hair & Make-Up: Risa Kayano
Stylist/Wardrobe: Wataru Miura
Editor: Ryuichi Hasegawa
Post Producer: Rintaro Kozasa/Minami Chiwaki/Asuka Toyoda
Special Effects Company: Hakuhodo I-Studio Inc., Tokyo
Printer: Nikko Process
Print Production Company: Hakuhodo Products Inc., Tokyo
Photographer: Seiko Ishikawa
Print Producer: Rui Goto
The Brief: The City Of Matsumoto Is Famous In Japan For Its Apple. Apples From This Area Are Sweet And Slightly Hard. However, The Sales Of Apples In The City Have Decreased 30% Over The Past 20 Years. The Sales Of Their Biggest Industry Has Affected The City Financially. Our Objective Was To Solve This Downward Trend In The Apple Sales.
The Execution: We Created ‘Dentapple’, An Apple With A Dental Test Service That Enables Dental Checkup By Biting Into The Hard Apple Made In Matsumoto. By Answering To Questions Regarding The Pain Or Discomfort From Biting The Apple Through Your Smartphone, Dentists Will Diagnose The Health And Risk Of Your Teeth. The Information Will Be Diagnosed By Associated Dentists, And You Will Receive A Diagnosis Within 24 Hours. When Theres Pain Biting An Apple, There May Be A Risk For Cavity. If It Bleeds, Theres A Risk For Gum Disease. If The Jaw Feels Loose, A Risk For Jaw Arthritis.
The Result: Dentapple Spread Throughout Japan As An Apple That Connected A Delicious Apple And Dental Health As A “Yummy Dental Checkup.” Dentapple Received Over 5 Million Dollars In Publicity Exposure. It Also Made Headlines Throughout The World, And Dentapple Widened The Market Outside Of Japan, In 6 Countries, Mainly In Asia. As A Result, The Sales Volume For Matsumoto Apple Association Marked An Increase Of 155% From The Previous Year. Furthermore, The Japan Dentistry Hygienes Association Officially Certified The Dentapple Which Has Made Companies And Schools To Consider Introducing This As An Easy Way For Dental Diagnosis.

Marketing directo "Dentapple [video]" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Hakuhodo Kettle Tokyo" para la marca: Matsumoto Apple Association Japón. Fue producido en ene. 2016.

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