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Kate Spade Archivo de publicidad

Miss Adventure, To the top

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Prod Company: Soapbox Films / Harbor Picture Company
Client: kate spade
Country: USA
Harbor Creative Credits
Creative Director: Kristen Naiman
Executive Producer: Gelya Robb
Director: Rufus Scott Church
Director of Photography: Mott Hupfel
Performers: Eric Jacobson, Paul McGinnis
Writers: Jim Lewis, Emily Coleman
Editor: Max Nova
Musical Score: Vince Nudo
Senior Art Director: Phillip Duncan
Art Director: Billy Concha
Stylist: Martha Violante
Director Marketing Management: Kelly Sandoval
Assistant Producer: Connie Tsang
Hair / Makeup: Joshua Ristaino
Picture Finishing: Harbor Picture Company
Colorist: Roman Hankewycz
VFX: Chris Mackenzie
Published: December 2016
On Dec. 5, kate spade new york will launch a new episode of its "Miss Adventure" holiday film series starring Miss Piggy and Zosia Mamet with a cameo by Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine. The film opens with Miss Piggy and old friend, Zosia Mamet on their way to a holiday party at the top of the empire state building. As the two see one another, they run into the most classic of all wardrobe malfunctions: they’re wearing the same outfit. In the elevator, over the 102 floors up, an exuberant accessorizing frenzy of back and forth adornment occurs. There’s friendly competition, screwball comedy, stylish bonding moments and, ultimately, original style. Our client, Harbor Picture Company is responsible for the picture finishing.

Publicidad viral "Miss Adventure, To the top" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Soapbox Films" para la marca: Kate Spade Estados Unidos. Fue producido en dic. 2016.
Marca: Kate Spade
Agencia: Soapbox Films Harbor Picture Company
País: Estados Unidos
Categoría: Tiendas de ropa y accesorios
Emitido en: diciembre 2016

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