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History Comes Alive


Client: Intel Product: Intel Realsense Entrant: J. Walter Thompson Beijing, China Idea: J. Walter Thompson Beijing, China Editor: Dec 16 2015 12:00am CCO: Polly Chu (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) ECD: Shankun Sun (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Producer: Todd Lv (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Creative Director: Roy Cheung (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Creative Director: Xiaochuan Liu (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Copywriter: Yoyo Wu (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Copywriter: Mia Song (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Copywriter: Page Peng (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Art Director: Neo Ping (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Art Director: Handy Fan (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Art Director: Pinkyo Zhou (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Art Director: Yuanning Liu (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Art Director: Mona Li (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Producer: Gary Li (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Digital Director: Lu Xiao (J. Walter Thompson Beijing) Website URL: http://intelrs.qq.com/learnmor... Describe the campaign/entry: Intel awaken the ancient history in China using newest technology. Realsense Technology bridges the past and the future by turning the user to experience as the historical hero in the actual location in History. Creative Execution: We selected the Great Wall in an ancient city with over 5,000 years’ history in an outdoor environment. We produced four 3D historical animatic video covered 4 dynasties with different key historical heroes to be projected on the great wall. During the event, participants were invited to experience Intel RealSense 3D facial scan. A 3D animated historical character with their own face will then be generated instantly by cloud animation rendering server through 4G broadband network. They will become part of the history in the real location. The animated historical video with characters they presented were projected onto the Great Wall for a stunning cinematic viewing experience.

Estudios de casos "History Comes Alive" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "J. Walter Thompson Beijing" para la marca: Intel China. Fue producido en dic. 2015.
Publicista: Intel Corporation
Marca: Intel
Agencia: J. Walter Thompson Beijing
País: China
Categoría: Software y Multimedia
Emitido en: diciembre 2015

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