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Clumsy Junior

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A dad sees his son growing up being very clumsy with objects, he tends to let them slip out of their hands. He can't hold anything without dropping it.
From his childhood when he drops a glass of milk, to dropping books in the library, a wrench in the garage, basically he drops everything he gets his hands on. He certainly turns out to be a miserable goal keeper with his butterfingers.  He even has problem with the ladies as he ends up spilling food and being a miserable dancing partner letting the girl slip out of  his hands. The only thing he manages to drop but not spill is the HP Deskjet ink refill, which comes to the relief of his father.
A delightful new spot for HP, airing in Latin America, promotes the brand's spill-free ink cartridge refill system.
Media: TV
Category: Other
Client: HP
Agency: BBDO
Production: Dreamcatchers
Country: Colombia
Director: Peter Dietrich
Executive Creative Director: Josy Paul
DoP: Baldur Eythorsson
Post production: Dreamcatchers
Music: Pedropiedra
Colourist: Paul Breuer (Optix) Nadir Mansouri

Anuncio de televisión "Clumsy Junior" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "BBDO Mumbai" para el producto: HP Deskjet (marca: HP) Colombia. Fue producido en abr. 2017.
Publicista: Hewlett-Packard Company
Marca: HP
Producto: HP Deskjet
Agencia: BBDO Mumbai Dreamcatcher Productions
País: Colombia
Categoría: Impresoras y escáneres
Emitido en: abril 2017

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