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Energy that changes the world, Kind Words Ringback Tone

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Advertised brand: GS Caltex
Advert title: Energy that changes the world, Kind Words Ringback Tone

Translation of headline to English: Energy that can change the world is already inside us

Advertising Agency: AdQUA interactive, Seoul, South Korea

Executive Creative Director : Hunchul Chun
Creative Director : Hyunkyoon Kim
Copywriter : Ayoung Yoon, Olivia Sangjee Park
Producer : Dongkyeong Lee
Account Executive : Junyoung Lee, Minwoo Lee, Hyunwoo Nam
Media Planner : Sooyeon Im
Media Buying : Seungkwan Hong, Seunghyun Yoon, Sooyeon Park
Published/Released: 7, 2017

Description/Release synopsis:
It has been a constant social issue that call center employees are exposed to obscene and violent words of customers. Such issue is already well known by being covered by numerous press media, but there wasn’t still a solution to prevent such verbal violence aginst the call center employees even though several customer centers are trying to relieve their stress through psychological consulting and massage therapies.
GS Caltex, an energy enterprise that has been executing numerous campaigns to energize the world based on its sloga, ‘I am your Energy’, released a new campaign in order to resolve the issue. It is the video conveying the idea of “preventing verbal violence” while a customer is waiting to be connected to a call center employee.
The video starts with a series of confessions by call center employees who were exposed to customers’ violent words. It is followed by production of ringback tone through recordings made by people who are family members of the employees.
“My loving, dear wife will help you in a moment.”
“My mom, who I love the most in the world, will help you soon.”
After the application of the new ringback tone, stress levels of the employees decreased by 54.2%, customers’ kind words increased by 8%, employees feeling respected increased by 25%. The video ends with reminder that energy that can change the world is already inside us.
The video was first released to GS Caltex’s Facebook page and gained 2M views and 200k engagements within 24 hours from its release. Through a simple but effective solution resolving a social issue, the campaign was introduced to above 15 media channels within 2 weeks from its launch and is provoking the energy to change Korean society.

Anuncio de televisión "Energy that changes the world, Kind Words Ringback Tone" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "AdQUA Interactive, Seoul" para la marca: GS Caltex Corea del Sur. Fue producido en jul. 2017.

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