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African Trash Masks 'Red Mask'


Litter is an on-going problem that waste management programs are struggling to keep up with. And in Africa's burgeoning consumerist society, the more we buy, the more trash we create. If littering is not reined in; if attitudes towards waste and recycling are not changed now; trash will choke our continent. It will pollute our future.We tasked two young local artists with the project of creating these trash-masks. We then photographed the masks worn specifically by children in order to hint at the corrosive nature of pollution on future generations.Agency: Advantage Y&R Namibia
The campaign was aligned with Greenpeace as part of their ongoing efforts to raise awareness for pollution and instigate positive change in this regard.
Media: Print
Category: Charities & appeals
Client: Greenpeace
Agency: Advantage Y&R Namibia
Country: Namibia
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lang
Creative Director: Toufic Beyhum
Copywriter: Carl Gough
Photographer: Shawn van Eeden
Artists: Saima & Shimii
"Trash shouldn't define our culture."

Publicidad impresa "African Trash Masks 'Red Mask'" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Advantage Y&R Namibia" para la marca: Greenpeace Namibia. Fue producido en abr. 2017.

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