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Category: Best Use of Cinema
Advertiser: FESTIS
Product/Service: STILL DRINK
Date of First Appearance: Apr 19 2010 12:00AM
Entrant Company: ÅKESTAM HOLST, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Creative Director: Martin Cedergren (Åkestam Holst)
Copywriter: Joakim Labraaten (Åkestam Holst)
Art Director: Petra Albrektson (Åkestam Holst)
Account Director: Nico Hasselström (Åkestam Holst)
Account Manager: Lotta Linde (Åkestam Holst)
Planner: Jerker Winther (Åkestam Holst)
Production Company: (Gifford Film)
Media placement: Film - 3D Cinemas - 19 April 2010

Results and Effectiveness
Even before the commercial was launched it got heavy attention from traditional papers as well as influential bloggers. It was the by far the most talked about commercial in the Swedish blogosphere. This indicates that the spot achieved our goal to create awareness and spur attention. There were no sale figures by the time of the entry.

Creative Execution
We created the first 3D commercial produced in Scandinavia, for the cinema. A Festis bottle leaves the screen and begins searching around the audience. It finally stops at the eight row and a specific seat, followed by a voice that says “you are a Festis”.

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
Festis, a sub-brand to Carlsberg, is seen as an iconic brand among young still-drink consumers in Sweden. The target group is the “fun seeking young adults”. They are quick to pick up new things and love to be in the know. Very driven by new tastes and changes in package design. Both which has been Festis trademark since the launch of the brand. The blockbuster Avatar started a 3D explosion with new 3D relaeases each and every month. This attracted a lot of attention in the target group already regulars at the movie theatres. The new 3D technology made the commercials running prior to the 3D films look quite old-school. Festis is everything but old-school and we decided to make a 3D commercial/event in order to build brand and to create awareness about two new tastes for the summer.

Promoción "THE FESTIS DETECTOR" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Akestam.holst Stockholm" para el producto: Still Drink (marca: Festis) Suecia. Fue producido en abr. 2010.
Publicista: Carlsberg Group
Marca: Festis
Producto: Still Drink
Agencia: Akestam.holst Stockholm
País: Suecia
Categoría: Energy Drinks (en)
Emitido en: abril 2010

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