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Fletcher's Story

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Client: Espn / At&T
Compositor Joey Deady Ben Vaccaro
Advertising Agency: Espn , New York
Alternative title: Fletchers Drive
Media Agency: Espn , New York
Pr Agency: Espn , New York
Production Company: Smuggler, New York
Additional Company: Smuggler, New York
Producer: Kc Dossett (Barking Owl)
Composer: Rob Simonsen (Rob Simonsen)
Executive Creative Director: Steve Mottershead (Artjail)
Executive Producer: Allison Kunzman (Smuggler)
Head Of Production: Andrew Colon (Smuggler)
Executive Producer / Partner: Brian Carmody (Smuggler)
Music & Sound: Patrick Navarre (Barking Owl)
Creative Team / Agency Producer: Ata Movassaghi (Espn Creativeworks)
Line Producer: Erin Wile (Smuggler)
Animator: Iwan Zwarts (Blacksmith)
Director Of Photography: Jason Mccormick (Smuggler)
Director: Miles Jay (Smuggler)
Producer: Charlotte Arnold (Blacksmith)
Editor: Adam Witten (Work Editorial)
Editor: Ben Jordan (Work Editorial)
Animator: Joey Deady (Artjail)
Creative Director: Kelly Bayett (Barking Owl)
Producer: Sari Resnick (Work Editorial)
Producer: Clare Movshon (Company 3)
Sound Designer: Michael Anastasi (Barking Owl)
Music & Sound: Taylor Lipari-Hassett (Rob Simonsen)
Animator: Ben Vaccaro (Artjail)
Creative Director: Jay Marrotte (Espn Creativeworks)
Executive Producer / Partner: Patrick Milling Smith (Smuggler)
Art Director: Tom Poole (Company 3)
Account Director Christina Carey-Dunleavy
In 2015, AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign set to raise awareness that while texting and driving is still a problem, the issue has grown to include any type of smartphone activity that takes eyes off the road. We sought to tell the story of an athlete that 'could have been’. What resulted was the heartbreaking story of Fletcher Cleaves, a promising football player, who became paralysed from the chest down in the aftermath of a tragic accident. What had seemed like an ordinary drive after practice changed Fletcher’s life forever when an oncoming driver on their phone, drifted into Cleaves’ lane.

Anuncio de televisión "Fletcher's Story" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Smuggler" para la marca: ESPN Estados Unidos. Fue producido en sept. 2015.

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