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Category: Corporate Image
Creative Director: Brad Roth
Executive Creative Director: Brad Roth
Cinematographer: Eric Haase
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Feldstein
Executive Creative Director: Mark Feldstein
Creative Director: Mark Feldstein
Post Production: Stun Creative
Chief Creative Officer: Brad Roth
Editor: Chad Earley
Director: David Brandvik
Producer: Gunnar Clancey
Agency Producer: Gunnar Clancey
Sound Design/Arrangement: Rob Tremain
Editing Company: Stun Creative

Brief Explanation
Two young guys, Mike and Zach, are setting up for a party on the beach. As Mike sets out the chairs he double checks with Zach that he sent out the invitations. Zach says "no" -he didn't send any invites. This concerns Mike. How are people going to know to come to the party? Zach calms Mike down and tells him not to worry, that he's got it covered. When Mike asks how - Zach gestures broadly and says that he used "chum." We pull back to reveal lines of hundreds of bottles of Miller 64 leading in every direction to the party. We cut to see surfers, joggers and other beach goers drawn to the party by the line of bottles. As they rush to the party they join others and form a large raucous crowd. Later, as the party is in full swing, Mike and Zach toast with bottles of Miller 64 and Mike acknowledges Zach's genius.

Anuncio de televisión "MILLER 64 SHARK WEEK" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Stun Creative" para la marca: Discovery Channel Estados Unidos. Fue producido en dic. 2012.
Publicista: Discovery Communications, Inc.
Marca: Discovery Channel
Agencia: Stun Creative
País: Estados Unidos
Categoría: TV/Radio Programas
Emitido en: diciembre 2012

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