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Agency: mOCEAN
Category: Publications & Media
Chief Creative Officer: Discovery Channel
Editing Company: mOcean
Creative Director: Peter Mckeon
Editor: Philippe Bergerioux
Copywriter: Peter Mckeon And Sanderson Dean
Post Production: Zach Lyall
Account Supervisor: Candace Reid
Producer: Don Anderson
Cinematographer: Kevin Sarnoff
Director Of Photography: Kevin Sarnoff
Chief Creative Officer: Lara Richardson
Director: Peter Mckeon
Animation: Quico Encinas
Chief Creative Officer: Svp
Agency Producer: Teresa Antista

Brief Explanation
The show is about two guys (RICHARD & AARON) who seem to magically transform old beaten up cars into gorgeous hot rods. They are car-mod Gods, but they’re also quite funny and irreverent. This spot set out to capture their unique energy.The spot begins with RICHARD finding an old beater GTO in a junkyard. As he touches the car, it instantly begins to transform into a perfect hot rod. He takes off tearing down the road in his transformed vision. Elsewhere on a lonely highway we find AARON. We see AARON walk out onto a seemingly empty highway, when suddenly we realize that RICHARD is gunning right for him. A second before the moment of impact, AARON, jumps out of the way, and sticks his chin and trademark long beard out over the car. In extreme slo-mo, we see the car shave off the bottom whiskers of AARON’s beard. As we take this near miss in, AARON (ever the crazy perfectionist) turns to the camera and says, “Still needs to come down another 1/8th of an inch!”

Anuncio de televisión "AN 1/8TH OF AN INCH" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "mOcean" para la marca: Discovery Channel Estados Unidos. Fue producido en oct. 2012.
Publicista: Discovery Communications, Inc.
Marca: Discovery Channel
Agencia: mOcean
País: Estados Unidos
Categoría: TV/Radio Programas
Emitido en: octubre 2012

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