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Category: Dimensional Mailing
Creative Director: Andre Rabanea (TORKE+CC)
Creative Planner: Guilherme Maia (TORKE+CC)
Director: Rodrigo Ribeiro
Producer: Layla Rocha (TORKE+CC)
Producer: Alex Viana (TORKE+CC)
Account: Bruno Daga (TORKE+CC)
Editor: Daniel Rabanea (Mandril Filmes)
Creative: Fernando Muniz (TORKE+CC)
Producer: Gilmar Vieira (TORKE+CC)
Creative Planner: Mariana Malanconi (TORKE+CC)
Creative Developer: Mario Dourado (TORKE+CC)
Creative: Rafael Kaminart (TORKE+CC)
Film Production: Will Mazzola (Will Mazzola)

The return was great for us and Discovery. We had 80% of the people we sent the bike to participating of the award with 3 finalists that did the final execution. We also have a great buzz and spontaneous PR from the people of the agencies, congratulating Discovery for displaying an idea very out of the box.

It was relevant because we were talking about a creativity award from a company that usually offers a traditional formats, placements and platform for their clientes. So the people from the agencies started to look at Discovery with other eyes.

Client Brief Or Objective
To launch a creative award so the Media and Creative Directors of the agencies would think together to propose better media strategies to their clients using Discovery platforms and formats. To new and existing customers.

We realized that most of the times the media of the agencies write a media plan without having much interaction with the other departments of the agency, so we decided to make them talk to the creative department to draw something as a team, trying to make them to talk to with other, work together and make things happen. We created an unusual bike with squared tires/wheels and gave it to the creative team to inspire more creativity in them. In other hands to see the bike working normally they would need to talk with the media team, because they have the normal round wheels that would fit in the bike.

Marketing directo "SQUARE BICYCLE WHEEL" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "TORKE+CC" para la marca: Discovery Channel Brasil. Fue producido en mar. 2013.
Publicista: Discovery Communications, Inc.
Marca: Discovery Channel
Agencia: TORKE+CC
País: Brasil
Categoría: TV/Radio Programas
Emitido en: marzo 2013

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