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Deloitte Digital Mural, 4


Advertised brand: Deloitte Digital
Advert title(s): Deloitte Digital Mural
Headline and copy text (in English): Deloitte Digital Mural
Advertising Agency: Name, City, Country: Deloitte Digital; Lisbon,Portugal
Creative Director: João Planche
Art Director: Jose Graça da Silva
Illustrator: Jose Graça da Silva
Additional credits:
Published: Month, Year: May, 2018

The challenge was to decor a wall based on a couple of rules that the collaborators should follow while they attend this place. Those rules/ sentences are; “Don’t leave your tray on the table, please put on the tray holder.”, “24/7 this space is always here for you.”, if you feel good here, work here!”, “We all love this spot, leave it spotless.”, “If something comes up send an email to PT Lisbon Facilities Service Desk.”, “Spice things a bit, but spice them here. Don’t take the dressings away.”, You’re free to stay with your homemade lunch or something you have just bought.” and “There’s room for everybody! If you see someone waiting, make room and invite him/ her to take a seat.”

Diseño y Logotipos "Deloitte Digital Mural, 4" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Team collaboration" para la marca: Deloitte Digital Portugal. Fue producido en nov. 2017.
Marca: Deloitte Digital
Agencia: Team collaboration
País: Portugal
Categoría: Publicidad y comunicaciones
Emitido en: noviembre 2017

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