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Archivo de publicidadCoincidencias misteriosas en los anuncios › Inspired by Oren Lavie music video — Target Retail Stores: Every Colour You Can Dream

Inspired by Oren Lavie music video

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Emitido en: agosto 2009
Publicista: Target Corporation
Marca: Target
Producto: Target Retail Stores
Agencia: The Campaign Palace
País: Australia
Categoría: Supermercados


The Campaign Palace, Melbourne selected PRODIGY director Dael Oates, to take viewers on a colourful journey through the dreams of a young girl and woman in the new Target “Every Colour You Can Dream” campaign, which includes a 30- and 60-second version airing from Aug. 2, 2009.

The animated commercials create playful sequences reminiscent of our own dreams – from floating through clouds to swimming in water and flying behind a kite. Oates visually represents the dreams with a colourful array of Target clothing and linen – each item serving as a prop, but not necessarily as it would traditionally be used. For instance a sheet as a kite and pillows as clouds. The resulting piece delicately flows between a colourful, dreamlike journey and animated visual magic.

Oates’ extensive animation experience came into play during production with use of low-fi, stop-animation – a series of still shots from above, each one having to be just slightly different from the next while showing a smooth transition of frames. The story is told this way as the aerial landscapes transform into new surroundings and environments within their dreams.
Oates described the intense production and six-day shoot as physically challenging, having to place actors and props very specifically on the 6m x 4m “canvas” to get the perfect shot for each 45-second frame. Then, having to move everything just enough – in a very short period of time – so no movements are skipped or forgotten.

Product: Target Colour 2009
Client: Target (Brent Liebenberg)
Agency: The Campaign Palace, Melbourne
Creative Directors: Gerhard Myburgh

Creative: Jacqui Paterson
Production Company: PRODIGY
Creative: Jessica Harold
Director: Dael Oates
TV Production: Fiona Gillies
Exec Producer: Jonathan Samway
Account Management: Jayne Driver
DOP: Peter Eastgate
Account Management: Georgie Brown
Animator Designer: Matt Boug
Account Management: Laura Bathurst
Animators: Lewis Morley Marketing Analyst: Belinda Symes
Brian Carlin Marketing Analyst: Marianne Kevric

Post Production: Animal Logic
Duration: 1 x 30" 1 x 60"

Anuncio de televisión "Every Colour You Can Dream" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "The Campaign Palace" para el producto: Target Retail Stores (marca: Target) Australia. Fue producido en ago. 2009.

Ultima publicidad de Target

Inspired by Oren Lavie music video