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Category: Titanium and Integrated
Advertiser: CISCO
Product/Service: UMI
Date of First Appearance: Nov 15 2010
Entry URL: http://home.cisco.com/en-us/telepresence/umi/
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Compton (OgilvyWest)
Executive Creative Director: Peter Kang (OgilvyWest)
Group Creative Director: Johann Conforme (OgilvyWest)
Group Creative Director: Bob Strickland (OgilvyWest)
Senior Copywriter: Seth Raab (OgilvyWest)
Senior Art Director: Noel Woolfolk (OgilvyWest)
Senior Art Director: Nazanin Arandi (OgilvyWest)
Senior Copywriter: Katie Naylon (OgilvyWest)
Executive Producer: Julie Salik (OgilvyWest)
Producer: Erin Finch (OgilvyWest)
Digital Producer: Jorge Acosta (OgilvyWest)
Marketing Technology Director: Helen Jen (OgilvyWest)
Marketing Technology Manager: David Chiu (OgilvyWest)
User Experience Strategist: Elana Glazer (OgilvyWest)
Director of Art Buying: Kristine Wilson (OgilvyWest)
Director: Christian Loubek (Anonymous Content)
Editor: Katz (Cosmo Street)
Composer: Elias Arts (Elias Arts)
Photographer: Lars Topelmann
Photographer: Michael Lavine
Media placement: Site - cisco.com/umi - 10/6/10
Media placement: TV Campaign - 3 Spots - ESPN, CNN - 11/15/10
Media placement: Holy Sci-Fi Print - Popular Science - 11/16/10
Media placement: Ellen Video Library Rich Media Unit - nytimes.com - 11/23/10
Media placement: IPad App - Wired - 11/23/10

Describe the campaign/entry
The challenge: introducing a brand new product that you couldn't sum up in one sentence. So, instead, we created a product demo. But not your usual product demo.

We gave film actress Ellen Page and her seven closest friends a Cisco ūmi and let them explore. And we filmed the results. There were no scripts. No camera tricks. No one-line zingers crafted by teams of writers. Just real friends. Using a real product. Having real conversations.

Because the best way to advertise a product that enables real, human connection, is to show some real, human connection.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched across each channel in the order of implementation
Ellen and her friends spent over two days with ūmi, leading to more than twenty hours of footage – enough to create almost thirty commercials. Some spots appeared on TV, others showed up online. We even built custom experiences for the iPad. Print and rich media banners also supported the launch.

Give some idea of how successful this campaign/entry was with both client and consumer
The campaign spread virally, receiving scores of mentions across the web. The Cisco ūmi Facebook page has since attracted over 23,000 followers, offering previews of upcoming commercials. The ūmi site itself received over 400,000 visitors, eager to see the promise of this new breakthrough product.

Estudios de casos "ELLEN UNSCRIPTED" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Ogilvy & Mather Los Angeles" para la marca: Cisco Estados Unidos. Fue producido en nov. 2010.
Publicista: Cisco Systems, Inc.
Marca: Cisco
Agencia: Ogilvy & Mather Los Angeles
País: Estados Unidos
Categoría: Ordenadores
Emitido en: noviembre 2010

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