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Kim Jong


Headlines in portuguese
‘Show your Nose’ is a Festival held annually which gathers the top well-known clowns in this country performing for all ages. More than 30 presentations take place in different parts of the city, giving a chance for everyone to enjoy and value the clown figure and its importance in the art scene.
If you are a child trapped in an adult’s body, you are welcome to laugh along with us. If you are Kim Joung-un, sorry for the joke.
Media: Print
Category: Entertainment & leisure
Client: Cia dos Palhaços
Agency: Blu design e comunicação
Country: Brazil
Creative Director: Emerson "Morruga" Ferreira
Art Director: Emerson "Morruga" Ferreira
Copywriter: Thiago Mattar

Publicidad impresa "Kim Jong" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Blu design e comunicacao" para la marca: Cia dos Palhaços Brasil. Fue producido en sept. 2016.
Marca: Cia dos Palhaços
Agencia: Blu design e comunicacao
País: Brasil
Categoría: Eventos, Clubs (en)
Emitido en: septiembre 2016

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