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Cia dos Palhaços Archivo de publicidad

Charlie Sheen


Headlines in portuguese
From home to work, from work to home. Unless you are Charlie Sheen, break this routine.
‘Show your Nose’ is a Festival held annually which gathers the top well-known clowns in this country performing for all ages. More than 30 presentations take place in different parts of the city, giving a chance for everyone to enjoy and value the clown figure and its importance in the art scene.
Media: Print
Category: Entertainment & leisure
Client: Cia dos Palhaços
Agency: Blu design e comunicação
Country: Brazil
Creative Director: Emerson "Morruga" Ferreira
Art Director: Emerson "Morruga" Ferreira
Copywriter: Thiago Mattar

Publicidad impresa "Charlie Sheen" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Blu design e comunicacao" para la marca: Cia dos Palhaços Brasil. Fue producido en sept. 2016.
Marca: Cia dos Palhaços
Agencia: Blu design e comunicacao
País: Brasil
Categoría: Eventos, Clubs (en)
Emitido en: septiembre 2016

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