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The Vuvuliser

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South Africans love soccer. But game days are notoriously big drinking days. Watching a game often means having some beers with friends, going to drink at a bar, or getting festive at the stadium. On game day, we care more about whether our team wins or loses than we care about our own personal safety. As a result, thousands of fans drink and drive every match day.Over 4500 people die on South African roads every year, that’s more than anywhere else in the world. And the number one cause is drinking and driving.The easiest way to check if you are over the legal driving limit is with a breathalyser. But no one carries breathalysers around with them. What almost every South African does carry to a soccer game is a vuvuzela. So we created the world’s first vuvuzela that is also a breathalyser
The Vuvuliser.Not only does it let you know when you’ve had too much to drink and shouldn’t be driving, it also lets people around you know that you’re over the limit. Even if you think you’re still okay to drive, they will tell you you’re not. No extra hassle. No extra effort. Just enjoy the game, have some drinks with your friends, blow that Vuvuliser like crazy and get home safely.
Media: Outdoor
Media: Ambient
Media: Online
Category: Automotive
Client: Castrol Magnatec
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Cape Town)
Country: South Africa
Chief Creative Director: Pete Case
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Gotz
Executive Creative Director: tseliso rangaka
Creative Director: Prabashan G Pather
Creative Director: Jacques Massardo
Art Director: Delano Chengan
Copywriter: Yazeed Solomons
Copywriter: Logan Broadley
Producer: Ali Coetzee
Production company: 7 Films
Business Director: Firdous Osman
Designer: Ideamongery

Anuncio de televisión "The Vuvuliser" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "Ogilvy Cape Town" para la marca: Castrol Sudáfrica. Fue producido en jul. 2016.
Publicista: BP
Marca: Castrol
Agencia: Ogilvy Cape Town 7 Films
País: Sudáfrica
Categoría: Otros servicios y productos para los coches
Emitido en: julio 2016

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