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International Women’s Day

Campaña publicitaria


Title: Lets Change The Numbers
Agency: New360
Brand: Cruzeiro Esporte Clube And Azmina Ngo
Country: Brazil
Entrant Company: New360, Belo Horizonte
Advertising Agency: New360, Belo Horizonte
Copywriter: João Marcelo Meira (New360)
Art Director: Rodrigo Carvalho (New360)
Account Director: Carol Souto (New360)
Producer: Lucas Cavazza (New360)
Director: Túlio Cipó (A Criatura)
Producer: Bruno Goulart (New360)
Account Director: Marcelo Santana (A Criatura)
Chief Executive Officer: João Delpino (New360)
Executive Creative Director: Angela Dourado (New360)
Media Manager: Thais Queiroga (New360)
The NGO Azmina collected the data. Cruzeiro had the shirts made, showing the statistics instead of just the regular numbers of the players.On March 8th, Cruzeiro’s press office presented the campaign on the internet, to the media and the general public, some hours before the Brazil Cup match. With only a few emails to the media and posts on social networks, the news spread immediately. In a couple of hours, the campaign was trending in the main news outlets, both printed and online, nationwide and worldwide. The powerful message that Cruzeiro and Azmina wanted to convey had already reached millions of people even before the game was on. The match, broadcast live and nationwide, consolidated its delivery, soccer being the most popular sport in the country, with millions of viewers.
The primary target audience was soccer fans but, being an awareness campaign about inequalities, it ended up reaching people of every gender, age and taste, in Brazil and around the world. Using email, social networks and its press office, Cruzeiro reached millions of people, adding value to its brand as well as to NGO Azmina’s. Since the match was broadcast live, it was possible to reach even further, soccer being the most popular sport in the country, with millions of viewers.
Live broadcast on Brazil’s largest television network and other channels. Estimated audience: 12 million people. There were more than 200 thousand mentions on social networks on the first 24 hours (Trending Topic Brazil), and $ 9.000.000,00 in spontaneous media. Over 100 million people reached. It made the news in the main printed and online news outlets, nationwide and worldwide. Millions of people touched by a strong message about the inequality and violence against women.
Campaign Description:
On International Women’s Day, the players of Cruzeiro, one of the biggest soccer clubs in Brazil, took the field for a Brazil Cup match wearing a different jersey: the numbers on their back showed statistics about the severe inequalities and violence suffered by women. Those numbers were collected by the NGO Azmina.
Brazil has one of the highest rates of violence and inequality against women.Some statistical data: -Three out of ten women have been forcefully kissed-Brazil is the fifth country in a femicide ranking-Seven out of ten unemployed are women -Women’s salaries are 30% smaller, on average-Eight out of ten have been harassed -A woman is raped every 11 minutesBrief: Cruzeiro Esporte Clube and NGO Azmina wanted to convey a strong message on International Women’s Day Objectives:- Make people aware of the severe inequalities suffered by Brazilian women - Strengthen women empowerment in a sexist environment- Use the power of impact and repercussion of the most popular sport in Brazil: soccer
The inequality and violence suffered by Brazilian women has been historically ignored. This campaign shows another side to the world: this is a reality that cannot be obliterated. Through these harsh and current numbers, millions of people have got a new look on this major issue. We used the power of electronic, printed and online media to strengthen both Cruzeiro and NGO Azmina brands worldwide.

Anuncio de televisión "Lets Change The Numbers [image]" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "NEW360 Belo Horizonte" para la marca: Cruzeiro Esporte Clube Brasil. Fue producido en mar. 2017.

International Women’s Day