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Anonymous Friend

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Original Title: Amigo Anônimo Agency: J. Walter Thompson Brazil Client: Alcoólicos Anônimos (AA) CCO: Ricardo John and Rodrigo Grau ECD: Humberto Fernandez Creative director: Mariana Borga Creative team: Fernando Palandi, João Gandara, Pablo Lobo, Erico Braga Illustration: Ana Maria Alves de Moraes and Pict Account: Thiago Galdi and Enrico Cavallari Media: João Dabbur and Pedro Graca Photographer director/Photographer: Régis Fernandez Editor/Motion Designer: Marcus Prado Head of Production: Marcia Lacaze Head of Digital Production: Maisa Delgado Digital Producer: Sergio Costa Creative plataform of Bot: ChatClub (Movile) Audio Production: Punch Facebook Head of Creative Shop Brazil: Mauro Cavalletti Facebook Creative Strategist: Steve ePonto Facebook Client Solution Manager: Marcela Martins Facebook International Communication Manager: Bruno Rossini Facebook Communications Associate: Renata Torres Description: To celebrate 70 years in Brazil, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) launches the “Anonymous Friend” a bot on Facebook Messenger that opens another help channel to recover people with drinking problems. Using this new technology that works like an automated system to interact with people, and which can be accessed via cell phone or computer, AA intends to provide more comprehensive services and maintain the anonymity of an audience that is already in the millions in this country. “Anonymous Friend” is available to all members of the Facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/amigo... In less than 48 hours the page had 20,000 likes and the bot had 70,000 accesses. Emails to AA increased in 1300% and the increase of accesses to the site was 100%. "The idea for this new service is to take advantage of the convenience and individuality provided by this message application to take information to people with drinking problems in a fast, private and safe manner," explains the coordinator of the Committee "Trabalhando com os Outros de A.A. do Brasil (Working with Others from AA in Brazil). To this end, the entire system for the bot had its personality developed based on statements of the AA members themselves. She explains that the bot expands the reach of the initial services and helps bringing down taboos that keep people from seeking help due to the fear of losing anonymity. Nevertheless, she explains that the system does not, in any way, replace human services. The system works by identifying whether or not people have any drinking problems and provides initial guidance on how to deal with this disease. The system also provides support in moments of relapse, informing about emergency support groups and also guiding friends and family members. All interaction aims to motivate people to personally seek an AA unit for complete service. The system informs working hours of the units and the closest address. The bot begins to be announced on Facebook itself through posts and banners and will be a tool available for AA to help the institution expand their reach in Brazil. Development of this service was only possible thanks to a partnership between J. Walter Thompson, the agency responsible for the entity's communication initiatives, Facebook and Mobile. "The idea came up based on the perception of several difficulties faced by people with this disease, from being certain that they actually have a drinking problem, up to fear or shame of going to a group meeting," adds Rodrigo Grau, CCO at J. Walter Thompson. According to Ricardo John, also CCO at the agency, this service is a huge opportunity to actually expand the first contact with AA.

Anuncio de televisión "Anonymous Friend" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo" para la marca: Aa Alcoholics Anonymous Brasil. Fue producido en abr. 2017.

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