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“How can I be an alcoholic? I have 2 college degrees I speak 3 languages. Alcoholics are those who live on the streets. Unemployed bums.”
This testimonial was taken from an interview with an alcoholic who thought she didn’t have a disease just because her own prejudice against AA members.
Inspired by that, the campaign aims to turn over the stereotype created around alcoholics, showing they’re more than just alcoholics they have a profession, a family and they’re people like you. And no matter how far this disease has taken you, they’re always there to help.
To illustrate the campaign we put together in one single face the personality of different head shapes to reflect the plurality of people found in the Alcoholics Anonymous and to complement the posters we used icons of each individual profession.
Media: Press
Category: Charities & appeals
Client: Alcoholics Anonymous
Agency: JWT Sao Paulo
Production: Pict Studio
Country: Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Rodrigo Grau
Chief Creative Officer: Ricardo John
Executive Creative Director: Humberto Fernandez
Creative Director: Mariana Borga
Art Director: Fernando Palandi
Copywriter: João Gandara
Illustrator: Ana Maria Alves de Moraes

Publicidad impresa "Stockbroker" hecho por la agencia de publicidad "J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo" para la marca: Aa Alcoholics Anonymous Brasil. Fue producido en may. 2017.

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